Kind words from photographers

Carlos Caicedo

I appreciate your tireless search. Your constant exploration. And I hope people understand that there's something else to see beyond the simple object or the obvious shape.

You see the world with different eyes. I salute you for that.

Carlos Caicedo • Chatham, New Jersey, USA


It goes without saying that I feel that you have a great eye and imagination – I have ‘followed' you from the first images I saw from you; but I will say that I am at times in awe of what you find and how you see it.

I have come to find much meaning in your images in the past. I also know that you tend to impart much meaning to your images as well. That meaning may be lost on some and a viewer's take may differ from yours but one thing I find fascinating in your images is that they do incite my imagination and give me pause to think - abstractly, philosophically, and technically; and they always make me wonder. :)

I so enjoy the harmony and rhythm that you create in your images through your use of natural and man-made pattern – it is almost musical.

LayerOne • Södermanland, Sweden

Tony Johnson

I am inspired and in awe!… There is no limit to your imagination and creativity, Ken! When I look at your photos I am 5 years old again, opening a gift under the Christmas tree.

How does one take an entire universe and place it into a camera sensor? Watch Ken work. I think your internal lens keeps expanding and what you create is a nourishing meal for the soul.

As I continue to study your fine work, I am increasingly curious about ways to use my camera to open silent doors to dark rooms. In this area, you are a pathfinder, Ken.

(And, finally, Tony's very kind metaphor after I mentioned that 'My photography is an attempt to find the overlap in the internal and external worlds.'):

A long time ago I went on a night hike with my wife and about 30 others. The leader, who was a naturalist, paused on the trail several times to point out the places where there was great variance of temperatures along the path and showed us how life was richer and more varied at the point where two ecosystems meet. I recall having a profound sense of wonder when I explored these areas and saw the wonderful plants, flowers and insects that lived there. This same sense of wonder comes forward when I study your photos, Ken. I believe you are a photographic 'naturalist'.

Tony Johnson • Petaluma, California, USA

Susy Kamber

All your work is incredible! Each piece has meaning and an interpretation representing the concept. You have a most unique eye and sense of how to do this.

When I was a little girl I started noticing that I would see things in things… similar to what happens when one looks at cloud formations. Our brains do this, yet your work suggests this and much more. It is highly stylized and comes forth from what you see and you bring thoughts and ideas along. There is a strength of meaning beyond the image but it originates in what you see, in what can be seen. You have highly developed your brain's desire to make another sense. I am thinking a new genre of photography because you're revealing a whole new angle.

Susy Kamber • Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Norman Veneer

Ken sees things others don't

Norman Veneer • Luxembourg

Rita Rodner

I very much admire your photography and your honest, stimulating and insightful comments/descriptions.

Rita Rodner • Wittering, UK

Tom Dailey

There's so much here to like, Ken. The well-composed simplicity, for one thing. And the way each photo encourages the viewer to see familiar objects from a new perspective. Much enjoyed!

Tom Dailey • Ajijic, Jalisco, Washington, Mexico

Stuart Allen

It is a pleasure to be one of [your] followers Ken. I love your abstract images.

Stuart Allen • Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

Doris Tasarek

Ken, there must be a kind of magic carpet inside of you that makes you travel on a cloud of fantasy to notice and capture such mysteries – awe-inspiring !!

Your artwork is kind of a perfect synthesis composed of the visual presentation and the meaning you are attributing to it by the choice of your titles. I love it how you let us witness your deep involvement and your thought-process.

Doris Tasarek • Trier, Germany

Anders James

I looked once at this picture among 'following' and thought to my self – 'That must be a Ken Lambrecht.' – which often happens. You have your very own unique style, which is relatively rare… actually

Anders James • Copenhagen, Denmark

Ku Hone

Ken is one of my favorite artists on 500px.

Ku Hone • Louisville, Kentucky, USA


Hi Ken, many thanks for always sharing intriguing works with us

so • Tokyo, Japan

David P. Senner

Your abstract work is inspiring! The simplicity and directness are moving.

David P. Senner • Princeton by the Sea, California, USA

Chris Huddleston

You have so much thought and ideas about your photos. I admire that.

You always have some very nice mystery to your images and leave just enough hints to figure out what it is.

Chris Huddleston • Longmont, Colorado, USA

Lale Akat

I admire the way you see…

Lale Akat • Istanbul, Turkey

Atiul Ehsan Rupom

your pictures are beautiful, you have a great eye to bring something from nothing. brilliant. love to see your works.

Atiul Ehsan Rupom • Dhaka, Bangladesh

Terry Amstutz/Mobius Faith Imaging

Your work is flippin' brilliant!!!!!

– Terry Amstutz/Mobius Faith Imaging • Akron, Ohio, USA

Robert Wood

I love your work, Ken. The fragments of life are wonderful.

Robert Wood • Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA

Murielle Hamilton

It's one of my favorite moments of the day: let's see if I can guess what Ken photographed this time without looking at the tags.

You have this rare ability to look at a bunch of 'junk' and see the one detail in it that really matters and will make a great picture.

Murielle Hamilton • Santa Monica, California, USA

Harrie van der Werf

You must have a huge world, seeing so [many] details.

Harrie van der Werf • Arnhem, Netherlands

Dominic Rush

Love the simplicity of your shots.

Dominic Rush • Canada

Armin Gierer

Ken, the juxtaposition of your different pattern portraits in your gallery makes each single one even more striking!

I do enjoy your very sophisticated discussions with your friends almost as much as I keep contemplating your images. Such an intellectual inspiration. THANK you!

Armin Gierer • Switzerland


Ken, your imagination and creativity never ceases to amaze me. Every time I see one of your abstracts I immediately know it is yours. You are so creative. Your insights into the abstract around us all is so very impressive.

Ken, you have such a unique eye. I understand your mind when I read the title, then I understand 'only Ken' sees things in this way... and I love it. You are really brave to expose your true self by exposing your abstracts that frankly I think not as many people appreciate them as should.

I look at your image, I check the title, and somehow the world glues into something that has meaning. You have an eye like no other on 500px.

Jacquemo • Bosgouet, Normandie, France

Rebecca Arthur

Your images are always so interesting, Ken

Rebecca Arthur • Osaka, Japan

Michael Taylor

Ken, your eye for detail and camerawork leave me speechless – amazing work…!!!

Michael Taylor • London, United Kingdom

Franck Pigache

So much platitude on some profiles that yours is a breath of fresh air and a real source of inspiration. A sharp look at what surrounds us and the art of isolating even the smallest details into beautiful and detailed compositions. An art of vision and a poetics of the world and objects.

Franck Pigache • Angers, France

Igor Pilawski

You've got an eye for pattern and subtle stuff. Interesting portfolio!

Igor Pilawski • Reutte, Tirol, Austria

Michael Green

You have a great eye for detail and composition. Nice work!

Michael Green • Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA


I value having found you here, making me think and feel with your pictures and messages.

ZeTO • Zaragoza, España

Jorge Mankita

Love your abstract and texture works

Jorge Mankita • Mexico City and Queretaro, México

Vlad Bagno

Your work is close to me, Ken. Love abstraction) And you have it good at.

Vlad Bagno • Moscow, Tambov, Russia

Stanislav Lepic

Ken, it was a real pleasure to visit your world. I found a lot of beauty, harmony and sense here… and surely will come back to see again some of my favourites!

Stanislav Lepic • Chyňava, Czech Republic

Livia Moen

I really like your concept in your pics! Great job!

Livia Moen • Sweden

Rachel Bourgault

I love your minimalist work, great stuff!

Rachel Bourgault • Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Lucja Wanatowicz

I like the way you think in photography very much and your works very much, Ken.

Lucja Wanatowicz • Koszalin, Poland

Frank King

I never tire of your brilliant exploration of patterns, Ken.

You have the BEST vision for seeing photo possibilities.

[Your photographs] are a tribute to subtlety. They are a tribute to exquisite vision, to see artistry in things the rest of us barely notice.

Frank King • Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jacek deLight-Junkie

I love your art Ken.

Jacek deLight-Junkie • Copenhagen, Denmark

Dawn Woods

You find beauty in an inspiring and uncommon way!

Dawn Woods • Australia

Christian Meermann

Such an outstanding portfolio, Ken.

You have got a great stream that proves you have got a fantastic eye for patterns and textures and the right crop to bring them

Christian Meermann • Gladbeck, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Daren Nickel

you have a great eye for the abstract

Daren Nickel • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Viviana Saavedra

Your photography is amazing. I have enjoyed every one of the images. I want to learn to see the world the way you see it.

Your photos are a good 'excuse' to stop my activities and observe, and let the image express itself.

Viviana Saavedra • West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Bruce Carter

You're an inspiring abstract minimalist.

– Bruce Carter • Denmark, Western Australia, Australia

Ted Anderson

You have a great eye.

Ted Anderson • Harrison, Maine, USA

Olga Apostoliuk

Great vision of details

Olga Apostoliuk • Kyiv, Ukraine

Vectory Floor

I feel like being in a candy store looking at your pictures. Great how you shoot so many different details!

Vectory Floor

Manish Jaisi

Your work on patterns is incredible.

Manish Jaisi • New Delhi, Delhi, India

You definitely found your genre, Ken. An absolute eye for the details. Beautiful portfolio • Auckland, New Zealand


Your words go straight to my heart. You have a beautiful gallery also, with a keen eye for abstraction. Keep on the good work my friend!

S.Q.U.A.R.I.F.I.E.D • Paris, France

Tim Pierce

LayerOne referred me to your photos. Love their simplicity. Wish I had your eye! You've inspired me to keep on looking!

Tim Pierce • Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand

Barry Barclay

I really enjoy your images. I look forward to your 'every next post'

Your pictures tend to set my imagination alive.

Barry Barclay • Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

Katarina Hartmann

ken, i'm so fascinated of your work! a great inspiration! thank you!!!!

Katarina Hartmann • Vienna, Austria


like your style seeing the world.

tenhan • Berlin, Germany

John Evans

You've got an interesting eye

I love shots that the reimagine the common bits of the world around us.

John Evans • Leitchfield, Kentucky, United States

Andreas Rickauer

Great work! I like your pics and your style

– Andreas Rickauer • Straubing, Germany

Neal Pierman

your abstract art is amazing

Neal Pierman • Niwot, Colorado USA

Lea Forgo

Your concepts have a refreshing approach and delightful twists. Very happy to have you here! d:)

Lea Forgo • Bali, Indonesia

Richard Maynard

Excellent gallery of photos..lots of unusual and diverse shots. Well done

Richard Maynard • Hamilton, Ohio, USA


Thank you for your time, your images and your always inspiring thoughts.

Librelula • Zaragoza, España

Scott Kueffner

I really appreciate your comment Ken. Your work inspires me.

Scott Kueffner

Sigmund Loland

Your work is amazing….Love it :-)

– Sigmund Loland • Bergen, Norway

Andreas Bauer

As always, your pictures give many possibilities of interpretation...

Ken, you are the poet and philosopher in our photographers community... ...and make great pictures!!!

Andreas Bauer • Potsdam, Germany

Bernetta Harting

it's a great portfolio you have! Great patterns, use of light, beautiful!

Bernetta Harting • Holland

Anna Wacker

You have a great eye, Ken!

Anna Wacker • Hamburg, Germany

Bernice Williams

Stunning architectural abstract! I really like your work, Ken!

Bernice Williams • Chicago, Illinois, USA

Anett Bulano

Your work is just a delight to look at and think over.

Anett Bulano • Berlin, Germany

Jaime Nisenbaum

Hi Ken: Just found you on 500px and saw many of your pictures in your profile. I love what you are doing and the titles of your pictures are as interesting (and entertaining) as the pictures themselves. Great work!

Jaime Nisenbaum • Berkeley, CA, USA

Annie Basile

you have turned the ordinary into the extraordinary :)

Annie Basile • Sydney, Australia