Abstraction and minimalism

I explore and experience life through abstract and minimalist photography to gain deeper insights into the external and the internal. It helps me to continue to learn to investigate with an open mind and no preconceived notions; to see with new eyes; to view things from different perspectives; to pay attention to details; to notice things that others might not; to bring out elements that may at first seem hidden; to begin to understand the essence of things; and attempt to share what I've found in an elegant way.

Visual fragments of life

These are subjective interpretations of the objective, exploring not only the outer world but our inner selves; visual metaphors of what it means to be human. Bring your own interpretations. See your own self in these images. Perhaps you might subsequently observe your world in a slightly different way.

Mystery and magic

My photography is an attempt to see things as they are: amazing, awe-inspiring, and mysterious; to reawaken a sense of wonder in the seemingly ordinary things around us; to remind us that we do not exist disconnected from everything else; and to open ourselves to the unknown and the power of all the possibilities.

It is

Other than basic editing of the digital images, the photographs are "real." There are no camera tricks, assembed images, removal of elements (other than specs of dust or minor distractions), or fancy software filters.

Hidden in plain sight

If we open ourselves to an awareness of the world without preconceived notions, strange and beautiful things reveal themselves. Perhaps there is meaning concealed in the often overlooked details of our surroundings. Perhaps there is a glimpse of the glimmer of magic. Viewed in this context, life becomes a treasure hunt of the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. The beauty of this mysterious universe exists everywhere, hidden in plain sight, silently waiting for us to notice.
"The mind of the beginner is empty, free of the habits of the expert, ready to accept, to doubt, and open to all the possibilities. It is the kind of mind which can see things as they are, which step by step and in a flash can realize the original nature of everything."
Shunryu Suzuki
"The only true voyage, the only bath in the Fountain of Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to see the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to see the hundred universes that each of them sees, that each of them is; and this we do, with great artists; with artists like these we do really fly from star to star."
Marcel Proust
"We are not interested in the unusual, but in the usual seen unusually."
Beaumont Newhall
"What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things... It is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface."
Constantin Brancusi
"Seeing is perception with the original, unconditioned eye. It is a state of consciousness in which separation of photographer/ subject, audience/ image dissolves; in which a reality beyond words and concepts opens up, whose 'point' or 'meaning' is the direct experience itself."
John D. Loori

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